Fountain Pen or Biro?

Fountain pens and biros both have their own pros and cons. After all, whilst biros will never offer the same quality as the likes of Cross fountain pens, they will be cheaper to buy and won’t leave one stressed should they disappear. Furthermore, fountain pens are not as easy to write with and some people often feel that their handwriting is better when they us a biro. So, which really is the best choice for most people?

As with many things, the answer is very circumstantial. Whilst biros are great for those who might just need to jot down notes now and again, anyone who needs to write any lengthy correspondence or to present any information in the most attractive and impressive way will benefit greatly from having a fountain pen on hand.

Despite the fact that more and more of our correspondence is digital, sales of Cross pens and other types of fountain pen actually rose last year, and are now more than four times higher than they were just two years ago. The reasons for this are numerous, and whilst some people may feel they are far harder to write with, it is often just a case that one simply needs to get used to them, and by putting a little time in, even those with the most scrawled of scripts may find that their handwriting is suddenly rather impressive.

Furthermore, a fountain pen is not just a writing implement; it is also an accessory, an ornament, and a link to the past. People are finding that the use of such a pen is a nostalgic act and that they actually enjoy writing far more when they are able to do it in such an interesting and luxurious way.

So, whilst biros are fine for scribbling the odd note down, for anyone with a great deal of writing to do, or anyone who wants a great link to the past, a fountain pen will be by far the best bet.

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