How to Recruit Retail Staff

Despite the recession, people still seem to be reluctant to work within the retail sector. This is unfortunate because working in retail can be interesting and fun.

However, people who have never worked in the industry before really don’t understand the benefits of doing so. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to fill all of your retail positions. Here we will take a look at some of the things you can do to make retail recruitment easier.

Make Sure your Advert is Seen by as Many People as Possible

One of the most common errors retailers make is advertising their vacancies in the wrong place. Many fall back on recruitment methods, which worked in the past, but are no longer as effective. Some have not realised that the vast majority of the UK workforce now only look for work using the internet. What this means is that if you advertise your job in a newspaper far less people will see it than if you post it online.

By posting your job on the right kind of recruitment website, you can quickly fill most retail positions. These websites are visited by literally thousands of people who are looking for the kind of jobs you have on offer.

Therefore, it makes sense to post your jobs on this kind of website. Try to do so on those websites that appear on page one of the Google results. If you post your job adverts on smaller agency websites that appear on page two or three of the search results you will significantly reduce the chances of your job advert being seen.

The cost of posting a job may be less on a smaller agency’s website, but if you fail to recruit, you will have wasted your money. Therefore, it makes sense to go with one of the larger and better-known recruitment websites. When you post your job vacancy, take the time to fill in all the fields. This will improve the chances of your vacancy being found and responded to. If you are lucky you will get applications within hours of posting your job.

Some of the U.K.’s best retail recruitment agencies advertise at It does not cost much to post your job there and you are guaranteed to quickly find the people you need.