The best tablets for printing

There are a variety of issues for managers to consider when it comes to printing. These days, there are so many different products on the market for bosses to choose from and it is important they make the right decisions.

For example, to minimise their costs, it pays off for firms to find the best value ink cartridges around. Thankfully, this is now easier than ever before. By heading online, people can take their pick from a plethora of branded or compatible products.

Meanwhile, before investing in new tablet computers for their companies, managers may want to consider how well they combine with printers. Focussing on this issue, a recent PC Advisor article compared the iPad, PlayBook and Android tablets.

It remarked: “Printing a document from a PC is second nature, but things aren’t quite as straightforward on a tablet.”

The news source pointed out that the iPad uses Apple’s AirPrint wireless printing technology, noting this is supported by most new printers, but not older versions. It went on to state: “If your iPad is connected to the same wireless network as an AirPrint-compatible printer, it will be displayed in a list when you select the Print option.”

Meanwhile, commenting on devices that use the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it said: “Selecting the print option in the browser suggests that only Samsung printers are supported. But as with many things on Android, there are alternative ways to go about this task. In the case of our HP Photosmart 6510 printer, this involved reverting to HP’s own ePrint system, which has a dedicated Android app.”

The article went on to claim that printing using the PlayBook “isn’t the easiest task”. However, people can print emails and attachments from the Gmail app using Google CloudPrint, it pointed out.

Regardless of the tablets and printers they uses, bosses can stock up on Brother printer cartridges, Xerox toner cartridges and so on simply by heading online.

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