Printer purchasing advice offered

To ensure they are happy with the printers they buy, it is important that people put considerable thought into their decisions. After all, these products can last for a long time and so making a mistake can be very frustrating.

Writing on PC Advisor recently, Matt Egan offered advice to those planning to invest in equipment like this. He pointed out that printers come in two main forms: inkjets and lasers. The expert also claimed that, although laser versions tend to be more expensive to buy, they can provide better quality output, particularly when lots of text is involved. They can also be faster.

According to Mr Egan, as a general rule, when people need to print a lot of text, mono printers offer the “crispest text output and the best combination of fast page-per-minute output and low ink costs”.

However, when individuals need to print in colour, inkjet versions can be preferable.

Meanwhile, he then moved on to the issue of cost. He pointed out that rather than only looking at the price of the printer itself, it is important for people to consider the total cost of ownership and this includes getting refills.

Before people invest in the devices, it is a good idea for them to check out the expenses involved in getting Samsung printer ink, Kodak ink cartridges or whatever is relevant to the products they have in mind.

Mr Egan noted this is especially important for those who print a lot.

He went on to remark: “Most manufacturers quote a ‘page yield’ estimate for their ink cartridges, which is the typical number of pages you can expect to print before the cartridge runs out of ink. You can use the page yield to calculate the average cost per page and you’d be surprised to find how much this can vary from one printer to another.”

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