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The Benefits of Wirefree Alarms

More than 1,500 burglaries are committed every single day in the UK alone, many of them by opportunist burglars that prey on easy targets. Securing the perimeter of your home and ensuring that you have secure and reliable door and window locks can go a long way to providing your home with the protection it requires to prevent such burglaries, but wirefree alarms offer an additional, highly advantageous layer of security to your home.


Wire Free


Wirefree alarms work in the same way as conventional alarm systems. They detect movement and sound a siren when motion is detected. However, rather than having to create complex alarm and wiring systems, while providing separate electrical sources for those alarms, wirefree alarms can be easily installed in virtually any room and provide additional security. An entire system can be created wire free so that you can sleep easy knowing that you are protected.


No Damage


There’s no need to drill into walls or even to fix wires to skirting or ceiling. The alarm unit itself is lightweight so that it can be easily and discreetly fixed in the corner of the room and then added to the existing alarm system in your home. There’s no need to remove floorboards, replaster walls, or drill through ceilings so you can enjoy state of the art security without the pitfalls of damaging your property.


Easy To Install


The other benefit of not having to rip up floorboards or create complex wiring systems, is that wirefree alarms are a lot easier to install than traditional wired systems. You don’t even need to pay the cost of having your system fitted professionally so that you can save considerable money on your new security system.


Create A Secure Home Environment


Securing your home, your personal belongings, and your family is important. Installing a security system is one way of deterring burglars and with wirefree alarms there are none of the inflated costs of installation or the disruptive need to drill walls, lift floorboards, or even attach wires to the walls in your home. You still enjoy a secure home from an advanced alarm system but without the hassles.



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