Formulate clear company social media policies

Within business and human resources circles, the debate about acceptable social media use by employees and ex employees in the workplace and outside it, both during working hours and outside them, continues to rage on. Numerous businesses and organisations are well attuned to the online marketing opportunities that popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer. Many regularly use these sites and others to increase brand awareness, obtain customer feedback and network online in order to generate more website traffic, more enquiries and, ultimately, an increase in sales and bottom line profits.

However, as many businesses have experienced at their peril, social media can also have an unwelcome and damaging sting in the tail when not looked at through the eyes of human resources. Businesses’ online reputations have suffered from the negative impact of defamatory and malicious posts by aggrieved past and present staff members inclined to launch attacks on their employers or ex employers. Some aim to cause reputational damage, whilst others have been known to reveal strictly confidential information on social media sites with cruel intent.

Yet the use of social media sites for business purposes is increasingly an integral element of the online activity undertaken by companies and organisations. Therefore, it is more important than ever that social media policies are incorporated in to company policies and staff contracts. In the absence of employment law guidelines on this issue, many businesses seek the expert help of outsourced human resources specialists for enhanced protection against staff social media misuse.

At NorthgateArinso, our human resources expertise is harnessed by businesses of all sectors and sizes concerned about operating on the right side of employment law. In terms of acceptable social media activity and all other human resources issues, we work alongside businesses to formulate and implement fair and legally binding company policies and staff contracts.

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