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Surveys for Beneficial Voltage Management

When you study the benefits of voltage management within a system, you will learn more fully how it performs and how any site surveys will be done. There is a basic minimum standard that has been developed for the industry, and this has been helpful for potential customers, so that they will understand what the job entails, and whether it is applicable to their specific needs or not.

Select Your Supplier with Care

As important as the process is, not every company offers true voltage management technology to its customers. There is a set methodology that needs to be followed, and the supplier needs to physically assess your site in order to have accurate recommendations. Only in this way can the solution that will be proposed reflect the needs of your company and your equipment.

Whether your company needs Voltage Optimisation (also known as VO) or the more advanced and effective Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation (known as VO+R), you’ll find that these may not deliver your company savings in all of your electrical equipment.

Why a Site Survey?

If your company is considering using VO or VO+R solutions, you need your prospective suppliers to handle a complete site survey. Then they can provide you with detailed and up to date information and a proposal. This is essential, before you place your order. Your survey should include a week of testing Load Analysis and Mains Voltage, along with a comprehensive and full survey that details which electrical components on site at your location will respond to management of voltage, and which won’t.

The analysis is necessary, so that you can receive details about the unique characteristics of your specific site. This is more than basic voltage loggers can do. In your analysis, look for all the pertinent information that will have been used to evaluate your Load Profile. Only after you have all this information gathered and analysed will any company be able to determine the proper size requirement needed for a system for your company. Your prospective company will also be able to tell you which pieces of equipment at your location will give savings and which pieces will not, so you know where savings can occur.


Voltage management is incredibly important and if you are considering working with a new company, a complete site survey should be carried out before you agree to work with them.