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How a Duvet Cover is Better than a Quilt

Much like a quilt, the duvet is a padded layer of quilting such as down, cotton or nylon fleecing that has been placed inside of a cover. Unlike a quilt, the duvet is not sewn inside of the cover, meaning that it can be taken out at any time.

Most people who own duvets love them, and there are many reasons why. Duvets are easy to clean, easy to change and make re-decorating easy.


Duvets are just as warm if not warmer than an average quilt. With layers of padding and the outer layers of the duvet cover, they can keep heat in on even the coldest of winter nights. Best of all, many duvets allow you to add additional padding, or switch out for thinner padding as the weather calls for.

Easy To Clean

Unfortunately traditional quilts cannot be cleaned without potentially ruining the stuffing inside. A duvet can easily be cleaned by removing the stuffing from the cover. The cover can then be placed in the washing machine and then dried before it’s put back on the bed.

Easy To Change

While changing it is undoubtedly everyone’s least favourite part of owning a duvet, the process is remarkably easy once you get the hang of it. Most duvets have a zipper on the size or bottom that can be unzipped to allow the filling to be pulled out. The owner can then either insert new filling or put a new cover on the padding. This process is easy too because all you have to do is push the quilting up inside of the duvet and then zip it closed!

Easy To Re-Decorate

Anyone who remodels frequently or likes to change the look of a room or plans on keeping the duvet for a long time will appreciate how easy it is to re-decorate with a duvet. Many duvets feature different designs on each side so that they can simply be flipped over and many duvets can easily be changed out for a different design or colour.


If you are looking for aduvet cover, they can be purchased affordably online and in stores in a variety of different colours and sizes. You should also make sure that you are purchasing the right size for your bed.