Businesses and individuals alike make use of high pressure drain cleaner services to help ensure their drains are clean and are functioning properly.

One organisation that has had to call in the experts in response to a drainage problem is supermarket chain Tesco. According to a report in the Henley Standard, one of the firm’s stores in Henley has been facing requests to deal with a longstanding flooding problem at the entrance to its car park.

Town clerk Mike Kennedy revealed he is to write to the manager after receiving complaints dating back at least six years.

Each time there is heavy rain, drivers entering the car park have to travel through a large puddle, splashing pedestrians waiting to use a zebra crossing in the process.

According to Mr Kennedy, the local authority has raised the issue with the store before. He added: “We were concerned about people crossing the road. This problem has obviously got far wider implications because the water seems to spread over a much larger distance than just the crossing area.”

Local resident Charles Langler is among those to have noticed the problem and he claims he has written to the supermarket three times over the last six years.

Meanwhile, a Tesco spokeswoman said: “We understand that there are some issues with lots of water in a small area of our car park and we are looking into how we can fix this. For now we have cleared all the drains and when the weather improves we will be looking to find a more long-term solution.”

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