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Damp Proofing Costs

Damp proofing offers a viable means of preventing rising damp within the home. The telltale damp patches that are found on the walls of a home are typically caused by defective or non-existent damp proofing although this isn’t necessarily the sole cause of the problem. Other potential causes can include failed or damaged guttering or defective internal plumbing. Whatever the cause, it can lead to problems with the structural integrity of the building as well as an increased likelihood of disease and illness. Damp proofing costs work out considerably lower than structural repairs might and are certainly lower than developing serious illness.

One of the most common causes of rising damp is poor damp proof coursing. Damp proof coursing prevents the moisture from the ground outside the building permeating through the exterior face of the wall and into the interior building. Once this occurs, the damp typically continues to rise, hence the name rising damp.

However, the are other possible causes. These causes may be as innocuous as condensation or as potentially troubling as damaged plumbing and pipework within or behind the walls. If you are experiencing such problems you should request a quote for damp proofing costs and have adequate protection put in place around your home so that you can enjoy damp free living, an improved environment within the home, and less chance of serious illness.

Damp walls can lead to wood rot and increase the likelihood of your home being attacked by insects. It can also cause respiratory illness in some inhabitants of the house, especially the young and old, and those with existing health concerns. When considering damp proofing costs you should consider the potential impact that rising damp could be having on your health and the health of your family members.

There are many factors which will determine the exact damp proofing costs that you need to pay. Typically, the size of your home and also how easily accessible the foundations and exterior walls of your home are. The more difficult the area is to access the more you are likely to have to pay to cover damp proofing costs.


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