If you want your car to pass its MOT first time you stand a much better chance if you carry out a few basic checks before taking your car to the garage. Around one million cars fail their MOT first time round and most fail on very simple things that are easy to put right before the test.

Even if you have a new car, it is well worth carrying out some basic checks before taking it to the test station. This is because one in five new cars fails their first MOT.

What to Check

At the very least, you should check the tread on each of your tyres, including the spare. This is the biggest reason cars fail their MOTs. It only takes a few minutes to carry out this test and costs nothing to do so.

Another common problem that is easily fixed is lights. A surprising number of cars fail because a bulb has gone. Ask a friend to help you to check your lights; it is the only reliable way to check your brake lights. Be sure to check your fog lights too.

Many cars fail the emission test. Spotting all emissions problems is difficult, but if the smoke coming out of your exhaust is dark, your car is highly unlikely to pass the emissions test. Getting the problem fixed prior to your MOT makes sense.

Other small things like not having working wipers, front and back, can be spotted and easily solved prior to the MOT. Remember to fill up your washer bottle and make sure that the sprays on both sides are working.

New Items to Check

Late in 2012, the government added a series of additional checks to the MOT. Until the end of 2012, if your car did not meet the criteria for these additional check items you were advised of the problem but not failed. Today, the same problem will result in a failure. The new test checks that ABS, ESC, tyre pressure warning systems and most of your cars warning lights should be in full working condition. If you are having intermittent problems with any of these systems, it is wise to get them fixed prior to your MOT.



If you need an MOT Glasgow offers choice of testing stations. One of the best MOT testing teams in the city is Car Care Motors. Visit their website to find out more about their service.