Believe it or not that mailroom machinery has actually been around for many years. In fact one of the first pieces of mailroom machinery was used in the 1800’s after invention proved that using such machinery could save money and time in the long run.


Obviously as time has gone on more pieces of equipment have been invented and also the original mailroom machinery has been updated with time. So what mailroom machinery is available nowadays? There are straightforward pieces of equipment such as letter openers and sealers which both will save time and save money in the long run. Also mail sorting by hand is a thing of the past and if you are a larger business then this is definitely a piece of mailroom machinery to look into which will do all your sorting for you.


Nowadays, we have to be extremely careful what is sent in the post whether it looks like an everyday letter or bill or even a parcel delivery. We may think it legitimate, which is many cases it is, but how can we be so certain without opening every piece of mail that passes through the mailroom. Well now you can with some fantastic mailroom machinery called x-ray threat detection machines. You can use these machines by popping through your everyday post and the x-ray will show you on the screen if there is anything untoward that should not be in the mail. This is one of the most advanced pieces of mailroom machinery you can invest in whether you work in a reception or a busy business or mailroom. It’s definitely worth having should you have a lot of mail passing on a daily basis.


So if you are either a small business or maybe a larger business and looking around for some mailroom machinery, then all is worth taking a look at as all will save your company time and save you money. Whether you perhaps just need something smaller, but can speed the mailroom up then equipment such as the letter openers and stamps etc is worth investing in or maybe you are a large business with a huge amount of mail passing through and think something like the x-ray detection machine would be worthwhile. Whichever pieces of mailroom machinery you decide, you will notice within time that you have made many savings just by using such machinery to help the everyday running of the mailroom.

If you send a lot of mail then mailroom machinery is a great option for you to save admin and money, Total Post are the leading UK suppliers of Mailroom Machinery.