We all like to give our children the best of the best, bringing them up in a stable loving environment, giving them opportunities they deserve and above all giving them security and love to grow them into a great member of society. It is unfortunate that in many cases, some children do not get this sort of living from their blood families due to drug abuse, family issues and domestic violence but is fortunate that we can now do something about it through fostering.


It has been proven that a higher percentage of children needing this care have been from larger areas of the country so there is a higher need for fostering in these areas such as fostering in Preston for example.


Children of all age’s 0-18years need fostering in Preston from different ethnics and backgrounds for a space of time. Foster carers need to be available for short term fostering where you may only be looking after a child for a couple of days or weeks and also long terms carers are required where you may have a child to stay for months and even years before they are able to return to their family home. Also emergency fostering in Preston is required where a stay is required at very short notice. In some cases there may be more than one child where brothers and sisters can not be separated.


Children may come into your home that are vulnerable, have behavioural difficulties and also other challenges for you. But to be involved in fostering in Preston then you must be able to be strong minded but have the care and love for each individual child like you would your own. It is very easy to get attached to these children, so is unfortunate for you when you may have to say goodbye once leaving to go back to their own families, but can be a great feeling for you to know you have supported, cared for and helped develop that particular child however long they may have stayed with you for.


To be involved in fostering in Preston then you will share a passion with other foster carers who want to help and provide a home for such vulnerable children who will not be getting the support, love and care they should in their own home.

Lorimer Foster services can help you on your way as a foster carer in Preston with support and training from our friendly team.