When people think of winter holidays, they usually think of skiing. However, there are lots of other great places to go to take a winter holiday. After all not everyone likes active holidays and of those they do, not everyone likes skiing. A trip to Lapland or an ice hotel will appeal to some, but not all people. For quite a few people the idea of leaving a cold and wet Britain and going to a winter wonderland of snow and ice simply does not appeal.

Winter City Breaks

In the winter, a city break can be a good idea. You get to see the sights of the city at a time of the year that is far quieter. Accommodation is available at a reduced rate and flights are easily available. Cheap flights to Amsterdam are available year round, but are definitely easier to get in the winter. The flight is short, so it is ideal for a long weekend break.

There are plenty of churches, art galleries and museums to visit if the weather is not good. Even in the winter, Amsterdam is a busy city with lots of great restaurants and bars to enjoy. The Dutch celebrate several festivals during the winter. If you want to get into the festive mood early, visiting Amsterdam at Sinterklaasavond on the 5th December is a great move. This is the main present giving day of the Christmas season. During December, there are lots of Christmas markets. In February, there are many music festivals in Holland including a Reggae festival in Amsterdam.

Spring Holidays

Many people want a little sun after a long British water. Fortunately, there are a lot of destinations that fit the bill. The Spanish Balearic Island of Minorca is amongst the most popular of these. Getting there is easy because you can fly there from over a dozen UK airports including Belfast, East Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford. The airport that serves the island is Menorca Airport. Flights from the UK run at reasonable times of the day, so it is not necessary to get up at some ungodly hour to get to the airport or arrive home too late.


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