What is The Best Time of Year to Rent Algarve Villas for A Golfing Getaway?

The Algarve, with its endless sunshine, golden sand and rugged coastline, is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for golfing enthusiasts. Every year, golf lovers from around the world rent Algarve villas and enjoy their choice of some of the dozens of golf courses in this region of Southern Portugal.

Golfing is taken seriously in the Algarve and the area contains golf courses custom made by some of the best golf course designers in the world. The warm climate of Southern Portugal means that you can golf all year round, but what is the best season of the year to golf here in the Algarve?

The Best Time of Year to Rent Algarve Villas: Shoulder Season

If you could choose to book your holiday to Algarve villas at any time of the year, the best time to visit would be during the “shoulder seasons” of spring or autumn. This includes the spring months of April, May and June as well as the autumn months of September and October.

You might think that summer is a better choice, however summer brings the hottest weather of the year and golfing in extreme heat can be somewhat unpleasant. Also, summer also brings with the most tourists and so all of the resorts and beaches of the Algarve will be quite crowded. You will find yourself looking for ages for a place to relax on the beach because every inch is filled with families and couples on their summer holidays.

Although visiting Algarve villas in the wintertime has its advantages because there will be discounts available, the temperatures can be slightly cool and there is more chance of your game being called off because of rain.

Both spring and autumn seem to be the ideal balance between warm weather and un-crowded resorts. You might even find that some resorts will be offering shoulder season discount packages and deals which will save you money.

The Algarve is Beautiful All Year Round

Although spring and autumn might be the ideal time to book a golfing holiday at Algarve villas, this region is a great destination all year round and you will enjoy yourself no matter when you visit!

If you are planning to rent Algarve villas and enjoy some golfing, what season of the year has the best conditions for teeing off?