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The Evolution of Gas Detection

Gas detection has come a long way in a very short space of time. From home carbon monoxide sensors right through to the most advanced gas detection systems in industry, as with almost any technological item, the improvements seem to be exponential.

Up until the 80s, miners were using birds in cages to detect gas. Not only was this an extremely cruel way to test for the presence of harmful gasses, but it was one that could also prove lengthy and ineffectual. Therefore, it has only been a couple of decades since gas detection systems really started to be used to their full effect.

Since then, the leap in technology has been incredible and yet many companies are still drastically underprepared for gas detection. Whether the equipment they are using is old and therefore ineffectual or whether they simply do not have the resources to ensure that they can detect all potential combustible gasses quickly and effectively, there are many reasons why some companies are failing to be as productive or as safe as they should be.

Today, gas detectors can be extremely small items, being easily carried by individuals and items that can be found cheap enough to ensure that each and every worker can detect gas, no matter where they are. This not only ensures that each worker is much safer, but it also means that companies can achieve far more since workers will not have to wait for others and will instead be able to forge ahead and get done what needs to be done.

Each company and even each project will have very unique needs and gas detectors can now be customised to meet any unique needs. And rather than just detecting gas, these detectors can also accurately monitor the environment, check ventilation and monitor recovery all in one very simple device.

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