Protect Against Carbon Monoxide within Kitchens

Companies, who utilise a kitchen work area, whether it is a restaurant or cafeteria, pride themselves on excellent service and quality of food and drink to ensure customers continue to return and enjoy fine dining. In order to be ultra efficient and provide a diverse range of items upon a menu, a kitchen requires the best appliances and facilities. This provides employees with a high level of provisions in order to remain productive and continually produce a high standard of meals which goes some way to establishing a reputation for excellent service.

Although hygiene standards are of paramount importance to ensure all meals are prepared and cooked in the correct manner, the overall safety of all employees carries equal significance. In a similar vein to many other workplace environments, the kitchen serves up its own number of potential hazards which could cause variable levels of injury or health concerns that put the lives of employees at risk. Whilst wearing the correct clothing and maintaining personal hygiene are part of a code of conduct adhered to by all kitchen staff, there are certain elements which cannot be detected or protected again.

As an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, carbon monoxide is a perfect example of an undetectable gas that can potentially lead to severe health deficiencies for individuals who inhale it. This explains its referred name as the ‘silent killer’ as any carbon monoxide leak can be potentially fatal to any individuals within a kitchen environment.

It is therefore prerequisite to install a CO alarm and receive subsequent electrical testing and inspection to ensure the systems remain efficient and in full working order. As carbon monoxide is generated from the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels such as oil and gas, a kitchen is the prime area in which fuel burning is used to cook and prepare food. Acquiring the services of electrical testing specialists can not only gain a company valuable advice on the level of protection required, but also have CO alarms installed with a view to providing comprehensive electrical testing and inspection for the foreseeable future.

As the prime detection system available, companies are well advised to have CO alarms fitted within a kitchen and receive subsequent testing to provide a safe working environment for employees. It ensures all-round protection against any potential carbon monoxide leak as an alarm system can begin a safe evacuation to cover the safety and wellbeing of all kitchen staff.

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