Bat Conservation Trust

The bat conservation trust is one of the most successful conservation groups in the world. The bat conservation trust is a British charity formed in 1990 with the sole aim of having bats live in harmony with human beings. Since the conservation trust was started there have been many diverse projects to conserve the bat population. Bats are protected by law in Britain and Europe, and the effects of the Bat Conservation Trust are already being seen in the United Kingdom with a number of different species of bat.


The Bat Conservation Trust does not just work locally in the United Kingdom, but also in Europe and the rest of the world they have partnered with other members and supporters to help save bat populations. A lot of the work undertaken by the Bat Conservation Trust is in research to learn more about the bat populations and how best to help conserve them. Much of the work carried out is to establish the capacity of the landscape to support viable bat populations in their natural habitat.


In the Britain there are 18 species of bats, and out of these 18 species 17 of them are known to be breeding within the United Kingdom. Bats need a varied habitat in which to live and forage for food, and one of the ways the Bat Conservation Trust works hard is to help the bats by improving the landscape and hedgerows in the countryside. Many bats live on reserves, but the only way to totally integrate them is to ensure that habitat that they live in is not lost or destroyed., so this is a very important part of the work carried out by the trust and its members.


Many of the species of bats found in the United Kingdom use building to roost in, but as the landscape and building change over time there has become a need to produce artificial man-made roosts for the bats, for example bridges, barns and houses are all been created to help conserve the bat population in the United Kingdom Renovation of old buildings and demolition of unsafe buildings have destroyed many natural rooting places for bats.




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