There is usually no shortage of people wanting to work in fashion, so when you advertise a role you will normally get a lot of applicants. Sadly, a lot of those applicants will not really be suitable for the role. There is a tendency for people to assume that anyone can work in fashion. They tend to forget that the fashion industry is a complex and challenging one. To fill most fashion industry roles requires a special skill set, and in many cases qualifications.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the number of applications you have to deal with from people who are definitely not suitable for the jobs on offer. The first step is to advertise your jobs in the right places.

Advertise in the Right Place

Putting a general advert in a newspaper will bring you a stack of applicants from people with general skills. Very few, if any of them, will have the relevant experience or skills.

On the other hand, if you advertise in a place where people who work in the fashion industry turn to when they are looking for work you will get the right kind of candidates. Of course, there will still be one or two unsuitable applicants, but there will be far less. This means that you will waste less time reading applications from people who are not qualified in any way for the roles that you are trying to fill.

The Best Place to Advertise

By far the best place to post your fashion jobs is on the websites of recruitment agencies that specialise in fashion. These websites are where the vast majority of fashion workers turn when they want work. Even better is to advertise where recruitment agencies advertise – on large consolidated websites.

Most fashion graduates turn to these websites when they want their first full time job in the industry. The fact that you can post your job at any time of the day or night means that you can still fit recruitment in even at extremely busy times. You have to pay to advertise on these sites, but the fee charged is low, especially when you consider that your job advert will be seen by a huge pool of potential candidates.

For help with fashion recruitment retail Choice has one of the most comprehensive websites around. They have hundreds of people on their ‘books’who have experience of working in fashion retail and are looking for work.