Online Bingo Sites

Online bingo sites are a great way to enjoy this traditional game. The game of bingo has been around for in one form or another for literally centuries. Games of chance that relied on the order in which numbers were pulled out of a bag have been played in Europe since the 1500s. However, the first recorded game of modern bingo, with a grid that players ticked off, took place in Mexico in 1838. Sailors very quickly bought versions of the game back to their home countries and it has spread from there.

Today, it is played around the world. Virtually every country has its own slightly different way of playing it, but wherever you go, you will recognise and be able to play. All you need to do so is to know your numbers in the language the caller is using. In fact, playing bingo is a great way to learn your numbers in a new language and to test yourself.

Getting Started Playing Online Bingo Sites

Finding online bingo sites is easy using a search engine. However, by far the best sites are to be found on bingo comparison sites. They scour the web to find the latest and best bingo sites, test and review them and post the results, so their readers can quickly see which sites are best for them.

Once you have registered, which takes about 2 minutes, you can begin playing. If you are playing paid games, you will often be asked to leave your credit or debit card details. You just need to make sure that the site is an https site and that it is verisure accredited or accredited by a similar organisation to ensure your credit card details are kept safe.

Free Online Bingo Sites

If you are not sure about playing bingo online signing up with a few free online bingo sites is a good move. Even the larger sites where you have to pay to play usually give you a certain amount of free games to try out there site. However, you need to be aware that most sites that allow you to play for free do not give out prizes.


Chit Chat Bingo is a great place to find the best online bingo sites and sign up to play on them.