What Is High Jewllery?

High jewllery is a term which is gradually becoming more and more popular. However, it is a term not many people really understand. The reason for this is that not many people actually buy high-end jewellery. Those that do realise that the term high jewellery is simply an alternative way of speaking about high quality bespoke jewellery. Usually, this jewellery is not mass-produced; rather it is tailored to the needs of each individual customer. The metals and jewels used are usually precious rather than semiprecious.

The term has become popular because it is a direct translation of the French term Haute Joaillier. In the past the term Couture Jewellery was used for the English speaking market, but because these two terms were also not widely understood many firms have substituted the term high or high-end jewellery in their marketing materials. They want to make sure that as wide a spectrum of the population is aware of their products, which is why they use all of these terms interchangeably.

Where to Buy High Jewllery

Traditionally if you wanted a piece of high jewllery you would go to a specialist High Street jeweller. However, today many of those jewellers have disappeared from ordinary High Streets. They still exist, but usually only in large cities.

Luckily, there is another place to go to buy Couture or high-end jewellery and that is the web. Both well-established bespoke jewellers and new designers are selling via the web, which means for modern consumers there is far greater choice.

Tips for Buying High Jewllery

If you have never bought a piece of bespoke jewellery, it makes sense to be a little cautious. Buying a smaller piece first is a particularly good approach. This familiarises you with the buying process in particular the design process. You will learn a lot and build a strong relationship with the firm you use for your high jewllery. Bear in mind that you are likely to be buying other pieces in the future. Look for firms who have plenty of photos of their previous pieces. The chances are if you like their previous work you will like the pieces they produce for you too.


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