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Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is one of the most popular super minis ever made. The first was became available, in the UK, in 1982 as a replacement the Nissan Cherry. At the time the super mini market wasn’t particularly big, however the Micra was well placed to take a good share of the market as it grew over the next decade. To date there have been four generations made which are available on every continent. Today, the fourth-generation Micra is selling well despite quite a high level of competition from other makers.

Why the Nissan Micra appeals

Right from the start the styling of the Micra appealed to a broad spectrum of people. Nissan managed to produce a car, which was small and economical to run, yet had sufficient space for adults to use it comfortably.

The other key to the car’s success is the fact that it was well built right from the start. In fact, when compared to other super minis built around the same time the durability of the Micra really stands out. Today, this is one of the main selling points for the car. The fact that over 30% of the vehicles built and brought during the early 80s and 90s are still on the road today is testament to just how well built they are. Other super minis sold around the same time have less than 3% of their vehicles still running around on the roads.

The Fourth-Generation Nissan Micra

The latest incarnation of the Micra, which is also called the Renault Pulse or the Nissan March, first went into production in 2010. It is only available as a five-door hatchback. However, there is a choice of five different engine configurations for the 1.2 to 1.6.

The best choice, engine wise, for the Nissan Micra is the 1.5 L diesel. This engine is quite quick yet delivers a genuine 60 mpg making it extremely economical. The fact that insurance is quite low and the road tax is at the bottom end means that this car is extremely cheap to keep on the road. In addition, servicing costs are also very low indeed.


If you want to find out more about the Nissan Micra visit the Nissan Westway website. On our site, you will find a full list of specifications for all of the Micra models.