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Charity to send phone cards to troops

Individuals are being encouraged to donate phone cards for a good cause. According to a report on YNN Hudson Valley, non-profit organisation Mission: Military Morale is asking for people located in Troy, New York to provide a variety of items that can be sent overseas to help troops stationed in Afghanistan.

As well as confectionary and beef jerky, people are being asked to give international phone cards. These can be hugely important as they enable soldiers to keep in touch with their loved ones while they are completing missions thousands of miles away from home.

The charity, which is an outreach of Redeeming Love Gospel Church, has been sending donated goods to soldiers for around a year. The project was launched when church member Matthew White was deployed last spring.

Since this point, over 100 care packages have been despatched. Meanwhile, as well as items like phone cards, Mission: Military Morale also accepts donations of money.

Its director Janine Gross remarked: “The biggest cost is the mailing. It’s cost 100’s of dollars to mail stuff over, which is why we collect monetary donations. It’s $12.95 [?8.18] for a large box and could go up to $50 just to ship a box.”

She added that this round of care packages will go to a local army reserve unit.

On its Facebook page, the charity states: “Although they are provided with basic essentials, we are endeavouring to supply [troops] with heartfelt niceties and comforts from home. Our Goal is to send a care package to as many deployed military persons as possible, until they all come home.”

Many similar projects are in operation across the country and in other nations around the world. A considerable number of these charities focus on offering international phone cards to soldiers because the ability to communicate with their loved ones is so highly prized.

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