Measuring up for a Granite Worktop

Homeowners all over the world are falling more and more in love with granite. When used as a worktop, this material can add beauty and value to any home, but it does so much more. It provides homeowners with a durable and strong surface that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance and resists heats, stains, and scratches. These worktops are resistant to mildew, mould, and bacteria as well, making them much more safe to use in kitchens, where food preparation demands cleanliness.


Are you thinking of installing new granite worktops in your home? If so, the first steps you should be taking, aside from discovering the fantastic benefits this natural stone provides, is measuring the area where your granite worktop will be placed. Below are a few tips on how to do so properly so your granite worktop looks beautiful in your home.


Measuring for Your Granite Worktop

  • Create a diagram of the room where your granite worktops will be placed. A rough sketch is all that is needed, as you will simply be using this diagram to write down the measurements of each surface your worktop will be placed.


  • Measure the entire length of your existing worktops. Start in the middle at one end of the area and measure all the way down to the other end, making sure to stay in the centre. Write down each measurement as you go on your diagram and repeat this process for every worktop in the room you will be replacing with granite.


  • Once you have the length measured, measure the width of the worktop area. The tape measure should be placed at the edge of the backsplash or the wall and run to the edge of the worktop or overhang. Write down this measurement on your diagram.


  • If your counters are attached to a backsplash, measure the width and length of the backsplash on EVERY worktop. These measurements are important and should be filled in on the diagram as well.


  • Take measurements of appliances or objects that may intrude in the length or width of your new granite worktop. For instance, you should measure the width and length of any sinks, as well as their faucets if they are not attached to the sink itself. Measure the width of your stove, refrigerator, and any another appliance that could break up some, if not all of the length and width of the granite worktop. Write all of these measurements on your diagram.


When you are ready to buy your granite worktop click here, make sure to use the diagram you have created. If you are able to provide the correct measurements of your worktop area, you will have less difficulty when it comes to installing your new granite worktop because the measurements will allow it to fit properly.

Bob Gill is an expert in granite worktops and has many years experience in the industry. Thinking of installing a granite worktop in your home? Make sure to use these tips for measuring the area so you can order the correct size of granite worktop for your room and you can increase the value and attractiveness of your home.