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Self Storage Business for Sale

If you are lucky enough to see a self-storage business for sale, it is well worth looking into buying it, or at least buying into it. In the UK and many other parts of the world, the self-storage industry is growing at an amazing rate. It is a highly profitable industry at the moment and will remain so for decades to come.

Why Self Storage Has Grown

Of course, the main reason self-storage has grown so quickly in popularity is that it is a service people need. It is a simple case of supply and demand. There are several huge markets for self-storage, which is why it is such a robust business model and investment opportunity.

The Personal Self-Storage

Private individuals represent a significant market in their own right. People are looking for both short term and long-term storage. They need somewhere outside of the home to store all of the precious possessions for several reasons. More and more people are big consumers many simply cannot stop buying. In the end they just run out of space, so end up needing somewhere outside of their home to store their possessions. In many cases, these people will want long-term self-storage, so represent a very lucrative sector of the market.

Sadly, the fact that more people are losing their home is also creating a further market. When people have to move from a house to a room they have no space for their possessions. Storage facilities provide them with somewhere safe to store the contents of their home until they find a new one.

Business Self-Storage

Another growing market is the business sector. In the UK, by law, businesses are required to store most written data somewhere secure. The length of time they need to store it varies, but in most cases, they need to do so for several years.

Understandably, most firms choose to store these documents off site, so do so in storage facilities. They tend not to sort through their old documents because it is time consuming to do so. This means many firms simply pay for more storage when their existing space fills up, so they too can be quite lucrative customers.

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