Despite the economic downturn, new buildings are still being put in place, which means that the field of construction recruitment remains buoyant. In fact, construction employers are said to be crying out for new workers, saying that they are constantly trying to find new staff with the enthusiasm, passion and skills to enter the industry. Careers in construction can be very lucrative and those who don’t like staying in the same place for too long can be given the chance to travel regularly when they decide upon a career in construction.

A varied career

It’s often said that no two days are ever the same in the construction industry. Work can be extremely varied and there is always the chance to learn new skills along the way. There are various routes into the industry, with many people starting their careers with an apprenticeship. The industry is noted for providing people with new challenges constantly, leading to a varied and rewarding career.

Learn on the job

Graduates entering the construction industry will usually be expected to have undertaken some form of work experience. In a construction-related degree this experience will usually come as part of the degree, but many graduates who didn’t study construction at college or university have found their way into high-powered construction jobs nonetheless. When it comes to looking for jobs, there are trade magazines and various websites to peruse to find a role. In an apprenticeship, learners will usually spend one or two days at college and spend the rest of their time learning on the job.

Perseverance is essential

Construction roles are varied and everyone from electricians to plumbers can find a rewarding role in the industry. It’s said that carpenters are often in high demand in the industry due to the way that they tend to have a broad understanding of everything that is needed in a project. Even with a sparse CV, people can find a way in, as long as the enthusiasm to learn is apparent. Many construction workers have found a job after sending their CVs off to various firms. Even if responses aren’t forthcoming right away, perseverance can be the key.