Many people tend to dismiss the idea of sales jobs London. They may expect a sales environment to be too ruthless or perhaps too pressurised, but it’s always worth remembering that many people have gone onto enjoy extremely buoyant careers in the field after initially dismissing the idea. What’s also worth remembering is that your CV may well outline skills and experience that are in fact directly transferable to the sales world. If you’re good at negotiating, confident with talking to a wide array of people and are driven towards targets, you may find that a career in sales is not so bad after all.

A constant flow of challenges

You could hardly call a sales career boring. You’re likely to be dealing with people from a huge array of backgrounds, there’s scope to travel not just around the UK but even abroad too, and the chance to meet scores of different people at events such as sales conventions. Nowadays, recruiters are taking their time to target sales staff that deal in specific areas, so if there is a particular sales field that you’re interested in – phones, for example, now might be the perfect time to consider a sales career. One of the main reasons why specialised sales staff are being sought out is because they tend to vast, in-depth knowledge about the topics that they are passionate about. This means that they are likely to always be at the top of their game when it comes to developments and news in the industry, offering accurate, up-to-date facts.

Scope for progression

There are various sales sectors that you may wish to consider, including everything from retail sales to medical and media sales. Places where you might find roles advertised include online job sites, newspapers and magazine. With uncapped earnings potential being cited as a perk for many roles, if you feel that you’ve got what it takes to work in sales, there’s every reason to give it a try. An outgoing personality is a must, but you may find a sales environment to be nowhere near as cut-throat as the traditional stereotypes might suggest, with a host of career development opportunities regularly available. features thousands of sales roles at any given time. Visit the site today if you’re interested in sales jobs London