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Manage and control expenses fairly yet keenly

Expenses are usually an essential part of the successful running of most businesses. The types of expenses that are run up by staff include anything from picking up a new ink cartridge out of their own pockets, to the hotel accommodation, travel and sustenance bills that are par for the course for most sales people and senior personnel. As essential to the smooth running of an office or the growth of a business as these expenses are, numerous senior managers and their HR payroll teams pay close attention to the expenses claimed by their team members, in order to identify potentially excessive amounts and consider where savings might be made.

When undergoing this process, they are well advised to refer back to the contracts of team members authorised to claim company expenses, and potentially seek external HR payroll advice before making procedural changes that might represent breaches of contract. A recent high profile example of contractually agreed expenses involves the BBC and Match of the Day presenter, Gary Lineker. According to the company policy of the BBC, travel expenses are not paid to presenters who travel to work at its new Salford premises from the south of England. Yet Lineker continues to claim over ?15,000 per annum for chauffeur driven cars and first class rail transport for his journeys to and from his Surrey home. The BBC is obliged to honour these expenses, which were stipulated in a contract that was drawn up and signed before the broadcaster’s move north.

At Moorepay, we calculate and report on staff expenses as part of the payroll services we provide to small, medium sized and large businesses. The concise reports we produce empower managers to scrutinise and control expenses keenly. As we offer fully comprehensive HR payroll services, we also guide businesses through their legal and contractual obligations to their team members in terms of expenses.

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