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Logs For Sale

If you are looking for logs for sale, you probably go to the Yellow Pages or flick through local newspapers to find suppliers. Probably the last place you think of looking is on the web. It is natural to assume that buying such a bulky product from anyone other than a local wood yard or merchant is not practical. However, you are missing a trick because there are now some good firms out there who will deliver logs to anywhere in the UK and do so for a good price.

Why Look for Logs for Sale Online

Doing an online search for logs for sale takes far less time than it does to look up wood yards in the Yellow Pages or search for adverts in the classifieds of local papers. Doing so will quickly find you local wood dealers and yards as well as national firms.

On the web, it is easy to compare the service each one offers. You can quickly see what kind of logs each supplier sells and can usually see how much each supplier charges for those logs.

Things to Bear in Mind When Searching for Logs for Sale Online

Do not give into the temptation to order your logs from the first supplier you come across. Prices vary widely and given that you will be buying a lot of logs in years to come it makes sense to shop around and find the supplier who consistently offers the best prices.

Never buy logs from firms who do not clearly state what kind of logs they sell. Some kinds of woods do not burn well and can even damage your fire because of the amount and type of soot produced when it burns. Some logs need to be stored for 2 or 3 months to season and become ready to burn, so check that you are buying ready to burn wood if you want to use your logs immediately.

Double check that the price stated includes delivery and how long it will be before your logs will arrive. The last thing you need is to end up waiting weeks for your logs to be delivered.

The best logs for sale suppliers offer several secure ways for you to pay. They also offer a full money back guarantee.


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