The sport of kite surfing is relatively new. It was an idea that had been around for some time, with some surfers trying it as far back as the 1970s. They had gotten the idea from kite-propelled boats, which had been in existence since the 1800s.

The invention of Kevlar and Spectra flying lines had made it viable, at least on paper, for a surfer to be able to steer a kite and skim across the surface. However, these early pioneers only got so far. Kitesurfing, as we know it today was not developed until the early 1990s.

Moroccan surfers were amongst the early adopters, and today, kitesurfing is a very popular sport in Morocco. Thousands of holidaymakers enjoy kitesurfing holidays in Morocco every year.

Why Morocco is Ideal for Kite Surfers

Morocco has two stretches of coastline. One stretch faces the Mediterranean the other faces the Atlantic. The Atlantic coast offers perfect surfing conditions. Virtually year round there are the strong, steady and mid-height waves needed by kite surfers. However, the fact that there is also a strong steady wind is what makes the Moroccan coast perfect for kitesurfing. That is the other element kite surfers need to enjoy this exhilarating sport.

The Atlantic coastline of Morocco is dotted with inlets and bays mixed with stretches of open sea. The surf in most of the inlets and bays is much calmer than out in the open sea. They provide perfect conditions for those just getting started with the sport. There are waves and wind, but they are gentle waves and wind that is far more predictable than those found along the open bits of the coast.

Opportunities for Experienced Kite Surfers

However, once someone has learnt the basics they can move on to areas that offer more challenging conditions. Resorts like Essaouira and Dakhla offer a mix of both kinds of conditions. This makes them ideal for all kinds of windsurfers. There are some great surf schools in both resorts. Instructors welcome people back year after year to build on what they learnt the year before and have taken thousands from complete novices to accomplished kite surfers.



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