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Installation Of Voltage Management Systems

The installation of voltage management systems can utilise a number of systems and measures to help reduce energy consumption with a plant or other business premises. Reducing energy consumption is important to all businesses but especially to those that have an especially large exposure to currently high energy prices. Through effective voltage management systems, it is possible to save a large portion of energy expenditure and therefore improve the energy and financial efficiency of the business.


One of the major issues that UK businesses face is a disparity between supplied voltage and required voltage. The machinery often fitted in a plant requires less energy than it is actually using and while harmonisation is under way in the UK there is still some way to go until this is complete. Only through the effective use of voltage management equipment and a fully operation management system is it possible to level this disparity and reduce lost energy.


Another potential problem is that the power supply in the UK fluctuates throughout the day and from one day to the next. Spikes in supply mean that greater voltage is being supplied to machinery than is required and, once again, this results in uneconomical energy supply. Such fluctuations can vary between -6% and +10% which is a significant change in the power that is supplied especially compared to what is required.


When too much voltage is delivered to the machinery in a plant it means that the excess is wasted. If machinery only requires 220c but 240v or more is being delivered it means that this extra voltage is being wasted. This means that a portion of the company’s electricity bill is being completely wasted and it results in money effectively being thrown away.


Another possible problem with the disparity in voltages is that machinery designed to operate on 220v or 230v is not designed for the additional load. Machines will tend to wear quicker and may need repairing or even replacing sooner. Through a voltage management system it is possible to reduce this risk and therefore reduce the ongoing costs associated with repairs and replacements.


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