Health & Care

Improving Pet Behaviour

There are very few pets who are model animal citizens and whether they try to push their luck and get a little cheeky now and again, or whether they actively defy you at every turn, knowing a few simple tricks to improve your pet’s behaviour is likely to be helpful.

Whilst there are places you can take your pets for them to learn obedience, there are also plenty of ways of changing your pet’s behaviour in the comfort of your own home and at very little cost. For example, if your cat is scratching a lot, consider pinching their paws each time they do, or if it is surfaces that come under fire from their promiscuous claws, then a strip of aluminium foil over the object of their claw’s affection will be enough to put them off. After a short space of time, even once the foil is removed, the surface will not be scratched again.

Dog and cat health can also play a big part in how naughty your animal is. If they are given the wrong food, much like humans will act differently with different chemicals in their body or even after eating foods high in sugar, fat or other such substances, animals are prone to act differently depending on what they are fed and how healthy they are. You may well find that by simply changing dog food to a nutritionally balanced type of pet food, your pet will suddenly act completely differently and you may find that not only are they less naughty but that they also have a whole different lust for life.

Finally, you may also find that giving your pet their own special space and own special furniture can help change the way they act. Most animals are territorial and by being given their very own space they will feel happier and more comfortable and easier to deal with all at the same time.

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