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Improve Affiliate Marketing Results With Silverbean

There are many ways in which a website or online business can begin or advance an online marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click marketing, and Social Media Marketing tend to vie for the greatest attention and most popularity but if you run your own ecommerce website or sell products and services online then you could benefit from an effective affiliate marketing campaign. This means that you will have experienced and skilled affiliate marketers working to sell your products for a cut of the revenue.


There are various stages to setting up and managing and affiliate marketing program. From a technical viewpoint, you need to set up your website so that it can offer the tracking cookies that are required for an affiliate program. You should also offer some way for marketers to sign up to your program, although this can be made a lot easier by joining an affiliate network.


An affiliate network can help by providing you with assistance throughout the campaign. They can deal with tracking sales and calculating earnings for your affiliates, and they can help market your campaign to those affiliates to help attain some of the biggest and brightest names in the affiliate marketing world. They will also deal with making payments every month to your affiliates, on your behalf.


However, not all networks are created equal and some offer considerably better results than others. The right affiliate network for you may depend on a number of factors including your region, the industry that you serve, and the program that you are offering. Choosing the right network is important, though, because it can make a huge difference in the Return On Investment that you receive.


Silverbean manages affiliate marketing campaigns and can provide professional analysis that highlights possible areas for improvement. They have achieved Returns on Investment of more than 300% for customers that have started new affiliate campaigns. They have increased Return on Investment by more than 200% through considered analysis for those customers that already have an affiliate marketing campaign in place but are looking for areas in which they can enjoy improvement.



Contact Silverbean to discuss your online and digital marketing strategies and to see how they can help improve sales, revenues, profits, and ROI for your business.