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Getting your Google Places profile right

When looking at search engine optimization services, local SEO is an integral element for many companies. There is a strongly developing trend towards locally focused searches and businesses can benefit from this if they learn how to harness the potential. Google is pushing this aspect of their user experience, so it makes sense to capitalise on the local angle to SEO.

There are many ways of making local SEO services work for your campaign. Here is a selection to get you started:

Keyword selection
With basic SEO you need to get the best keywords pointing to the right place to get the best rankings. Overcrowding content with keywords will only backfire and you could be penalised for spamming. Have a considered plan about keyword placement when setting up your Google Places profile.

Don’t attempt to force local keywords into your business name if they’re not genuinely part of it. If you do, you can again suffer penalties and the Google Places listing could be removed. Use keywords instead in your Google Places description. Never cram the description with keywords, but approach it strategically by adding prime keywords that will attract your audience.

Service area
The service area can work effectively for businesses that have certain territories. Handymen, mobile hairdressers and cleaners are classic businesses that can benefit. This may not be an option that you’ve thought of before but it will enable you to list the areas that your business covers rather than having to list separate business addresses. Google Map illustrates this with a circle around your territory rather than pinpointing addresses.

Customer reviews
Adding customer reviews can be a great way to achieve good rankings locally. Finding good reviews can be difficult, as most of us only log a review when we’re unhappy with a service. It’s unethical to offer an incentive for a good customer review but you can opt for the following:
• Use social media or your email list to invite people to place reviews on your Google Places page
• If you send out follow ups, postcards or reminders, invite people to write a review
• Invite people to review your company on the website and add a link to direct them to Google Places
• Create a flyer or insert that can be included in invoice runs or handed out at events
The easier you make the review process the better. Always set up a link and give people easy, step-by-step instructions about how to add a review. The more you direct people to share their positive experiences, the more likely they will be to do it.

Bulk uploads
If you have a wide range of locations then you can bulk upload the contact details. If your business has over 10 addresses, you can send a file to Google including all the addresses. Google then creates a page per address. Always use the brand name for the company name and keep the entries unique.

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