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How to Keep the Kids Happy on a Family VW Camper Van Rent Holiday

A campervan holiday is one of the best ways that a family can spend time together. You have the freedom to drive anywhere you like and set up camp somewhere beautiful, then relax and enjoy yourselves for a few days.

It’s relatively affordable to rent a campervan and many of them are spacious enough to fit a family of four. If you are planning a campervan getaway this summer, here are some tips for keeping your little ones from getting cranky in the backseat on the long drive:

Keep Them Well Fed

A hungry child is a cranky child and so in order to keep the complaining from the back seat to a minimum it is always a good idea to have some delicious and nutritious road trip snacks on hand.

Avoid sugary sweets or soft drinks loaded with caffeine, because they will make your children jittery and hyper. Instead, choose healthy snacks like bananas, raisins, dried mango, granola bars, sandwiches, crackers and nuts.

Keep Them Entertained

If you are traveling to somewhere quite far away on your VW camper van rent holiday, you will likely have a journey of a couple hours or more. This might not seem that long for you, but for a bored child in the backseat it will seem like an eternity. Make sure that they have plenty of things to entertain themselves with, such as books, toys, comics, handheld games and even car-friendly versions of popular board games. If they are distracted with an activity, it also means that they will be less likely to fight with their sibling.

Take Frequent Breaks

Leave yourself with extra time to reach your destination and take a few little breaks along the way to admire the scenery or stop at a playground to run around. This can really help break up the journey and stop your kids from going crazy being cooped up in the car too long.

These are just a few ways that you can make the long drive more fun for your kids on your campervan family holiday.


Are you heading out with the family for a VW camper van rent holiday this summer? Here are some tips that will help you make sure your kids have the best time possible.

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