Construction estimator jobs are amongst the most highly prized jobs in the industry. A construction estimator is charged with calculating proposals and quotes for the construction company with whom they work and this makes them a vital part of the construction world. Without them, it would be difficult for construction companies to ensure that they turned a profit and kept their costs down, so it is not surprising that there is so much competition when it comes to securing estimator jobs in the UK.

Estimator jobs tend to be office based although estimators will be required to liaise with everyone from architects to clients and colleagues as and when needed, in order to estimate costs and project length etc. The job is a well-paid and enjoyable one for the right people.


Estimator jobs are highly skilled which means that anyone looking to be an estimator will first need to obtain a degree. The most popular degrees for those who later take estimator jobs are construction science and construction management. Having some mathematical training is also very useful and highly desirable.

Typically, estimators will undertake postgrad training which equips them with all of the skills and knowledge that they need to accurately forecast construction costs and length of procedures.


Estimator jobs are not something that a graduate can just slide into. They will need to build up some experience in the construction industry first. It is typical for a graduate to gain on the job experience by shadowing a qualified estimator before they apply for proper estimator jobs and doing so will put them in a much better position to succeed.

Finding Estimator Jobs

There are plenty of estimator jobs out there for the taking but there are also a lot of people competing for them. As one of the top jobs in construction, the competition for any estimator job is likely to be fierce and this means that estimators will need to act quickly in order to secure a position.

Watching online jobs boards, signing up for alerts and distributing CV’s widely is the best way to be at an advantage and increase chances when looking of the perfect estimator role and it is something which should not be neglected.