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The Legalities of Buying a Used Car

Although they are aware that there are certain legalities which must be taken care of when buying a used car, many prospective buyers are unsure of their obligations and what any seller has to do.

Given that the penalties for not ensuring the completion of any paperwork can be quite severe, it is essential that any buyer knows exactly what should and shouldn’t happen during a transaction.

Initial checks

Before any deals are struck and money changes hands, it is essential for a buyer to ensure that the paperwork looks to be above board. Photocopies or prints could indicate a problem with the car or a discrepancy in the story which is being told about its ownership. Therefore, it is essential that any would-be buyer looks carefully at the paperwork and ensures that all the details match.

For example, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should be clearly displayed in the logbook and should match the ones displayed in the car. Furthermore, the name and address of the registered owner which are displayed in the logbook should also tally with the person or company selling the car.

If, for any reason, any of these details do not match, it could indicate that the car has been stolen or that there is a gap in the ownership records.

Although this is not the buyer’s fault or responsibility at this time, if they knowingly pay for a car with a potential issue with ownership or ignore the facts they could become party to the deception or lose out if the vehicle is seized.

Furthermore, the prospective owner should also ensure that the service history has been completely, that the mileage recorded in the book and displayed are correct and that all MOT certificates (if applicable) are present.

What paperwork to expect

Once a deal has been struck between the buyer and seller for the sale of used cars Congleton then the new owner has a responsibility to ensure that all paperwork is correct and that the correct parts of the logbook (v5C) are sent to the DVLA to register the new ownership. offers great deals on used cars Congleton. To learn more visit their website today.