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What to Look at When Buying a Used Car

There is plenty to do when it comes to buying a used car and simply choosing a car that you like the look of that happens to be on sale at a good price isn’t really going to cut the mustard.

Firstly, check the car thoroughly yourself. Not only do you need to check the paintwork for rust and scratches but also for dents and waviness that could indicate a serious accident. Always study a car on even ground so you can easily see if there is anything sagging on the car.

If you have little knowledge of what is going on under the bonnet, take someone along who does, but even a layperson can check for scratches and rust that may give away signs of poor care. Check for leaks and always have a look at the oil as well as the fan belt.

A vehicle check should always include a test drive of the car. Where possible, take it up to a good high speed to see if there are any issues that arise, either in terms of noises or any vibrations. Also be sure to test its ability in traffic and around a town.

Next, check the car’s service history and always, always get an HPI check. Not only will an HPI check tell you more serious information such as whether it has been written off or stolen, but it may also help you to see if the seller has been trying to hide general service information from you too.

It is also wise to get under the car too. Rust here can be more troublesome than any issues under the bonnet and is often the thing that is most easily overlooked with a vehicle check.

Finally, always check the price. Use a car value guide to ascertain what the car is really worth, and then always be prepared to haggle.

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