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The best hotel recruitment firms have realised that the best way to see their applicants’ true qualifications is to see them in action.

They spend most of their days looking over hundreds of applications, resumes, and photographs. This process usually gives way to employees that were not as qualified as they looked on paper. It also creates a high turnover rate in the industry. So, recruiting firms have found interesting ways to see the true potential of every applicant that they work with. Some of these ways have included creating mock interviews, qualification tests, and other interactive exercises.

It is important the hotel owners hire the right people for the positions they have available. Employees are the “faces” of the business, and their level of skills and personality can literally make or break a business. The ideal candidate is someone who is engaging, articulate, friendly, and like to serve others. Degrees and resumes do not disclose these qualities. The best analogy could be to describe a doctor’s bedside manner. It does not matter how skilled the physician is, if there is a lack of empathy and compassion for their patients, they will not be a successful physician.

In the digital age that we all now live in, a recruiter is not the first to meet the applicant, their website is. More and more firms place their applicants through an initial screening process online. These websites are more sophisticated than many may realise. The sites usually contain “bots” that are designed to quickly scan applications and resumes. They discard the ones that look like they are full of spam, and they also discard the ones where it appears the applicant does not have the minimal qualifications. Those that pass the initial test are then moved into the next phase.

Heading over to a hotel recruitment website could be the best way for you to find the job of your dreams. These website usually have a number of jobs listed, which means you can find them all and apply for the ones you want, at the click of a button!




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