Holidays in Cornwall and Devon

The UK is a very popular holiday destination. Every year 29.2 million people come from all over the world to visit the UK making it the seventh biggest tourist country. In addition, every year millions of Brits enjoy visiting other parts of the UK, so for the UK, tourism is important. However, some parts of the UK are visited more than others. Amongst the most popular are Cornwall and Dorset.

Visiting Cornwall

One of the main reasons people are attracted to Cornwall is the weather. This is especially the case for Brits. Many want as much sunshine as possible and figure that because Cornwall is the UKs most southerly county they will find the most sunshine there. They are right; the weather in the summer is very good in the county.

Many tourists are attracted by Cornwall’s unique culture. The Cornish are proud of their culture and language making it a particularly interesting place to visit.

The county has a chequered past and has been inhabited for thousands of years. Millions of tourists visit old tin mining sites, fishing villages and other old industry sites. However, there are plenty of modern sights to see. The amazing Eden Projects biomes attract millions of visitors every year.

The coast is quite busy and is packed with Blue Flag beaches, but travel inland a few miles and you will find plenty of traditional Cornish villages. There is nothing quite like enjoying a cream tea in a cottage garden on a sunny day. Unsurprisingly over five million people stay in Cornwall every year.

Visiting Devon

Devon is also a beautiful county that attracts over four million visitors. Its proximity to Cornwall helps. To get to Cornwall you have to pass through Devon and when you do so you quickly realise that Devon is also a beautiful county. The county has dozens of beautiful beaches on both coasts, some of which you can even surf on. It is packed with National Trust Properties, museums and other cultural attractions. The Dartmouth National Park is stunning and is perfect for those who love to get close to nature.



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