Using the customers of your business to help develop growth, sales, development and customer service is the way forward. One of the best ways of inviting more customers is to use a net promoter score which is usually based on a question such as “how likely are you to recommend such business to a colleague or friend?”

This comes as an easy short question in which customers do not mind answering and then this will prove growth in the company. Although you may get some customers answering no, with using the net promoter score you may calculate scores by taking away the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. You can survey your customers using a net promoter score. But it is not what you do with it to measure scores, its how you use it to its full potential. Your business or company need to ask the right question to enable customers to answer easily and effectively to the company so such company can deter whether these customers are promoters or detractors. Once this is understood, the company can take the first step into receiving a higher net promoter score and also receive more satisfied customers.

Using steps to create a higher net promoter score will not only enable more satisfied customers but a smoother running of the company or business. It will save time in the long run and ensure the particular company improves through feedback and recommendation from customers. Using a net promoter score will show the business whether they are doing well through the particular score or whether they need to improve on anything in particular.

Where some people may still use “word of mouth” to promote and try and grow their business, using the net promoter score will ensure initial customer follow up’s are done by not asking too many questions but a simple straightforward and straight to the point question which will help employees develop a positive attitude and loyalty when they see a higher net promoter score in the long run with more promoters for the business.

To find out more about your net promoter score and how it can benefit your business and business processes then Revive Management can help you.