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Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel installation process is far more complex than many people realise. It is not simply a case the screen the panels onto a frame on your roof. Even people with a very strong set of DIY skills will struggle to install their own system and get it working correctly. As a result, installing your own solar panels is rarely a good idea.

The Pitfalls of Doing Your Own Solar Panel Installation

Not only is solar panel installation a complex process even if you do manage to do it correctly there is one big problem, which you simply cannot overcome. In order to qualify for the government’s feed in tariff your new solar system has to be installed by an installer who is certificated under the Microgeneration Certification scheme. This effectively means that if you do install your own solar panel system you cannot benefit from the feed in tariff scheme. This makes your system considerably more expensive in the end.

The positioning of the panels is extremely important. Somebody without the relevant qualifications and experience could easily put up panels in an area where they will not work efficiently. This may include installing them under the shade of a tree, or at the wrong angle. You can lose 15 or 20% in generated power simply by getting the angle wrong. Because every roof is slightly different, each installation requires its own set of complex calculations.

Finding a Professional to do Your Solar Panel Installation

If you are having solar power installed in your home is important to use professional firm to do so. At the very least, you need to check that they are genuinely registered under the Microgeneration Certification scheme.

The best way to find a professional to carry out your solar panel installation is to do a search on the internet. You can, not only, find firms and ask for quotes this way you can also find out more by going to homeowner forums. On these forums, you can read about the experience people who have actually had solar power installed have had. This helps you to weed out the few rogue solar panel installation companies who may operate in your area.

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