Advice on Visiting Car Dealers in Wiltshire

There are certain questions that are always worth asking when you visit car dealers in Wiltshire. Dealerships can be an incredibly popular alternative to buying second-hand from a private seller, as the law tends to protect you more robustly if something does go wrong with your purchase. This is not to say that some drivers have not faced trouble when buying from dealerships in the past however, so it’s always best to be on the safe side and to do your research before you agree to a purchase of any kind.

Do Your Research

Finding out as much about a car’s history as you can is of paramount importance when it comes to the second-hand car market. Some people even pay a modest fee for a car history check before they sign up for a car. A history check informs you whether a car has ever been written-off, reported stolen or whether it still has existing finance on it. Of course, dealerships generally have a reputation to protect and would never even consider selling you a car illegally, but the small fee required to pay for a history check can certainly be worth it when it comes to putting your mind at rest. You should also do your research to find out what the going rate is for any car that you are interested in. Find examples of the make and model you’re looking for in the classified ads to see how much you should be being charged – there’s nothing to be gained from paying more when you don’t need to.

Checking For Faults

When it comes to viewing the car, you should always take a look in dry, light conditions when you visit car dealers in Wiltshire. If you cannot make a proper assessment you may find that any faults that have not been pointed out are obscured, only to be discovered later. You’ll also need to take a look at the logbook to ensure that the registered keeper is the owner of the dealership selling you the car, and the VIN printed on it matches up with the information found on various areas of the vehicle.

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