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Think carefully about what type of dog is best

It’s great to have a family pet. Kids love having a dog in the house. These friendly creatures are loads of fun, affectionate and help to teach them about responsibility.

When choosing a new puppy it’s important to think about what kind of dog is best suited to the household. Some are really high energy breeds and might be too much of a handful for the novice owner. It’s important to remember that some were bred to work. Take away their natural role and they can become aggressive and restless.

Size is another important factor to think about. A big dog is going to take up a lot of room. They also need huge amounts of exercise. If the house and garden aren’t big enough and new owners aren’t prepared to give them the walks they need then it won’t be much of a life for them.

When picking out a puppy it’s important to think about the temperament of the animal. Where children are concerned a friendly and passive breed is going to work best. They’ll want to give their new pet plenty of love and cuddles, so something small and cute is going to be best.

These are social creatures. They don’t like to be left alone and it might even worth thinking about getting a pair rather than just one. They’ll have constant company and feel more at home as natural pack animals.

By giving these factors plenty of thought a new owner can pick out the right pet for the family. Give them plenty of love, care, attention and exercise and they’ll lead long, happy and healthy lives.

No matter breed people opt for these great pets will bring love, laughter and loads of fun into any household. Kids will adore them and they’ll end up being treated like one of the family.

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