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Getting Retail Recruitment Right

The process of retail recruitment need not take long. There are plenty of people in the UK with retail experience. This means that finding suitable sales or shop floor staff is not difficult. There are also plenty of people with experience of executive and head office retail roles. If you advertise a role in the right places, it is possible to fill that role in days rather than weeks.

Use an Agent to Help You with Retail Recruitment

By far the quickest and most efficient way to find staff is to use a job agency. It is important to look for one that has previous experience of recruiting retail staff. They will have access to the biggest list of potential candidates for each role. The bigger their pool of candidates is the quicker you will find the people you need.

The best agencies will take your vacancy details and post them online within minutes. This means your job can be seen immediately and potential candidates can start to apply for that role in under an hour. You can view the details of each candidate via the web or e-mail. If you find a suitable candidate close enough to you it may even be possible to carry out an interview that very same day. In some cases, you can find the right person for a role on the very day that you advertise it.

As well as being fast advertising and filling roles, this way is also considerably cheaper. Most agencies allow you to advertise on their site for far less than what it costs to put an advert in just one newspaper.

Tips for Using Online Retail Recruitment

If you do decide to advertise your roles in this way, it is wise to use one of the bigger agencies. You want your advert to be found, so put it on the site of an agency that appears high in the search results.

When it comes to retail recruitment, the more detail you give the more likely you are to find the right candidate quickly. Resist the temptation not to fill out all of the fields, in particular the salary field. Not doing so only means that you will get people applying who are not really suitable for the job or who are not prepared to do the job for what you are willing to pay.

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