The hospitality industry can be difficult one to work in. On a daily basis, staff who work in this industry, have to deal with customers face to face. This means that they have to be extremely customer focused and be able to cope with sometimes stressful situations. In many cases, they will have to work long hours, and most of those hours will be unsociable. Therefore, the hospitality industry is not for everyone.

Plenty of people think they would enjoy working in a hotel, restaurant or club. Sadly, when they actually get a job in this kind of establishment, they often discover that the work is a lot harder than they thought it would be. This means that hospitality firms will typically find themselves with lots of applicants for their jobs, but very few of the candidates will be suitable.

Unfortunately, this means that the recruitment process can be extremely time-consuming. Having to comb through 20 or 30 unsuitable applications can easily swallow up hours upon hours of a manager’s time. Fortunately, there is a way of focusing your recruitment campaign to attract candidates that are more suitable and reduce the number of unsuitable applications.

The trick is to be careful about where you advertise. You need to post your hospitality job adverts in places people who have previously worked in the industry go when they want a new job. By far the best place is online job agencies that specialise in recruiting for the catering and hospitality sectors. Because they only list these kinds of jobs, people who have previously worked in the hospitality industry are the ones only visit their websites. By advertising hospitality roles on these websites, you can significantly reduce the chances of receiving applications from unsuitable candidates.

Advertising hospitality roles in this way is extremely cost-effective. The best agencies charge no more than general job websites or newspapers charge for their job adverts. Typically posting the job takes only four or 5 minutes, and because the role appears online almost immediately you hit the send button you can get suitable candidates applying within just a couple of hours.

Specialise hospitality recruitment websites also have email alerts job seekers can set up and as such any advert placed on them will be seen almost immediately, increasing the number of quick successful applicants. Additional space for job descriptions means unlike in a newspaper hospitality companies can fully describe jobs on offer.

For hospitality recruitment is an excellent choice. They do not charge much for posting a job and the fact that thousands of people visit their site, each week, ensures that you will fill your vacancies quickly.