The Best Place to Find IT Jobs

If you are looking for an IT job by far the best place to find one is the web. Many of the old ways of finding a job in the Information Technology sector are not as effective as they once were. The way firms advertise their roles has changed, so the way you search for your next role needs to change too.

Some firms still use national newspapers and the trade press to find staff. However, today the majority of them now advertise their vacancies online, which means that the web offers you the best chance of finding a suitable job.

Types of Online IT Job Boards

There are three main places you can find jobs on the web. The first resource is forums. These are normally run by people who work in the industry. Therefore, the majority of the forum posts are dedicated to discussing developments in the industry and problem solving. A lot of professionals use them to find out how to do something or for advice about the best tools to use for a specific task. However, some forums also have jobs sections. The problem with forums is that they only list a small number of jobs and the listings quickly go out of date, because the advert is rarely removed once the position is filled.

General job websites usually include some Information Technology roles in their databases. However, again the number of IT jobs you will find listed on these websites is limited.

The Best Kind of Online IT Job Board

By far the best IT job boards are to be found on websites that focus 100% on the Information Technology industry. If you use these websites you do not have to browse through dozens of other kinds of jobs to find what you are looking for. If you specialise in a particular technology or are looking for a specific type of role you can use that to narrow down your search. The best sites allow you to narrow your search down further by adding salary level and location criteria. Using these targeted search options will save you time.

The IT job board at  is by far the best way to find your next job. They have thousands of jobs in their database, which is extremely easy to search.