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Arctec is a leading retailer of the foremost packaging machines in South Africa

Arctec was founded in 1996 with the principal goal to import and supply print finishing equipment to customers across the whole of South Africa. Through a dedication to customer service and a focus that has driven the business to continually supply some of the foremost packaging machines to customers across the country it is now surprise that sixteen years later we are held in such high regard.

With the emergence of the digital age the marketplace for the packaging machines that formed a core part of our product portfolio shrunk considerably. In 2000 we took the decision to diversity the packaging machines that supplied. We decided to broaden the portfolio of packing machinery that had originally formed a core part of our yearly revenue.

This decision resulted in the formulation of our retail of large-capacity packing machines. Through this process we quickly moved into full packing promotion automation. Today, this has developed into the core focus of our business.

In 2008 the successful packing machines business that we developed evolved once more. We added a large format print packing machines division. This evolution led to the employment of highly-skilled people to fulfil this new business function. Indeed, these large format packing machines have proved a highly-successful and valuable asset to the business. In a very short period of time we’re proud to have garnered a reputation of excellence, and in 2011 the success of these large format packing machines allowed us to develop our own range of ACR Digital Links.

Packing machinery is only as successful as the meticulous attention to detail of the seller. To ensure that our customers receive the optimal level of packing machines service, we implemented an ERP system in 2009. This provides us with full control over the whole process, and ensures that from the initial query through to the delivery and implementation of such packaging machines our customers receive the best service possible.

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