Football Betting Guide for the Beginner

Football betting has grown to eclipse horseracing as the main attraction for people who want to place a bet. Picking a winner in a football game can be as much thanks to luck as it is to judgement, but either way it will help if you know why you should place a particular bet. There are so many different bets (known as markets) available for each game that it can be confusing and off putting. Understanding the betting process can also hold people back and stop them visiting a bookmaker. Knowing some of the terms and how bets work can enhance the thrill of the game and it’s not as difficult as it first seems.

Understanding the Odds

Odds can either be displayed as fractions or decimal values and they are not at all confusing after they have been explained.

1. Fractional Betting

Take 10/1 for example which is spoken as ‘ten to one’. Rather than be the time of day, this bet means that for every £1 you bet, you will receive £10 plus your original pound back if you win. Essentially this means that the bookmaker will stake £10 for every pound you ‘stake’ and whoever wins takes the money. Decimal is just as simple, but only slightly different in the way that it works.

2. Decimal Betting

10/1 odds represented as a decimal ‘price’ would be 11. This is because you will receive 11 times your original stake if you place a bet. So for a 5/1 or five to one bet, the decimal equivalent would be 6. Betting with will have the option to choose which form of betting you prefer and it is really a matter of preference.

Accumulating Bets

These are the bets that everyone hears about when someone gets a big win by placing a relatively small bet. This happens when bets are combined so that the winnings accumulate. For example, if someone place £10 on the following bets as an accumulator or in this case a 3 fold:

Liverpool to win the Carling Cup 8/1 fractional (9 decimal)

Manchester City to win the Premier League 4/1 fractional (5 decimal)

Chelsea to Win the Champions League 12/1 fractional (13 decimal)

The first bet would return £90 because Liverpool won the Carling Cup then that £90 would turn in to £450 (£90 x 5) because City won the league and that would then turn in to £5850 (£450 x 13).



Of course these are not the easy bets to win, but there are always big winners every weekend and Betting with makes choosing accumulators simple.