Get in on the action with an Olympics-themed event

The Jubilee may be over but there’s one more event that’s got everyone feeling patriotic—the Olympics. There’s still plenty of time to wave the British flag as we wait to start counting up the medals, so why not get in on the action with an Olympics-themed event? If you’ve got a favourite sport that you can’t wait to watch it’s a great opportunity to celebrate it, or perhaps you’d rather throw an event to coincide with the opening or closing ceremonies. Need a few party ideas? Then try these out for size:

• Decorate your home with the right party stuff so everyone knows exactly what you’re celebrating. You might want some flags, bunting, banners and balloons, and you could even go the whole hog with life-size cut outs (Big Ben, a phone box and even the Queen herself could all go down well), and don’t forget the Union Jack tableware for total coordination.

• Decorate yourself. You might want to take the opportunity to dress up, perhaps in full Union Jack regalia or even going all-out by wearing the sporting attire of the event you’re watching, or for a more subtle approach you could always go for face paint.

• Throw your own version of the Olympics. You could keep it simple by getting out the badminton rackets, playing a game of table tennis or even putting a mini race track in your own back garden, or use your imagination to see what else you can come up with—boat races in a paddling pool, perhaps, or a game of table football to replicate the real thing. Make sure you’ve got prizes, medals and even replica cups for true Olympics glory.

There you have it—a few party ideas to ensure your Olympics event will be a resounding success, so make sure you’ve got the right party stuff and get ready for a celebration.

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